Face / Liposuction chin and neck

Neck liposuction and double chin liposuction in Bamberg (northern Bavaria)

An unattractive double chin is a common feature that plagues even young people. The cause is primarily the proliferation of fatty tissue in this area. This fat can be removed in a short outpatient procedure using very fine cannulas. Neck liposuction usually requires only three tiny incisions: one in the skin crease right under the chin and one behind each ear lobe. A short incision under the chin is often enough to remove a small excess of skin there. To achieve a more dynamic overall appearance, it is sometimes beneficial to enlarge the chin slightly. A minor chin enlargement can be accomplished, for instance, with hyaluronic acid. This can be performed at the same time as the neck liposuction.

Fettabsaugung Hals bei Doppelkinn  (Liposuktion Hals, Fett absaugen am Hals) Fettabsaugung Hals bei Doppelkinn  (Liposuktion Hals, Fett absaugen am Hals) Fettabsaugung Hals bei Doppelkinn  (Liposuktion Hals, Fett absaugen am Hals)

We would be pleased to analyze and explain which of these treatments is appropriate to each case in an individual consultation.

» Before-after pictures: neck lift liposuction chin and neck 

» Surgery costs/prices neck lift liposuction chin and neck

Do you need more information? Please call 0951 – 208 77 890 to arrange an appointment for a non-binding consultation. We are happy to clarify your individual needs in a detailed conversation and you can enjoy the benefit of our expert advice at any time.


Fettabsaugung Hals bei Doppelkinn  (Liposuktion Hals, Fett absaugen am Hals)    

If you have to drive some distance to reach us, for instance from Schweinfurt, Coburg, Bayreuth, Hof, Erlangen, or Nuremberg, you should definitely combine your visit to our clinic with a short excursion to Bamberg’s beautiful medieval Old City, only minutes on foot from us. Bamberg, UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993.. 

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