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Excessively large breasts (macromasty) cause many women to have both health and emotional problems. They often suffer from chronic back pain and tension, discomfort from bra straps that cut into the skin, and skin infections (intertrigo) in the fold below the breast. Affected women are extremely limited in their ability to participate in physical activities or fitness, and this limitation – especially in younger women – is often a reason for psychological stress. Not least important, unattractive, drooping breasts are harmful to many women’s self esteem.

Various techniques are available for breast reduction surgery. The size and shape of the breasts, as well as the desired amount of reduction will help us determine which technique is the best for you.  

We offer two breast reduction techniques: the vertical incision (or the “lollipop” method) and the “anchor” incision (or the T-scar, T-incision, or inverted T-pattern).

The vertical incision (“lollipop”) is a low-scar procedure in which the incision goes around the areola (nipple) and runs vertically down from the bottom edge of the nipple to the crease underneath the breast. This technique is suitable for moderate breast reductions.

The T-scar or “anchor” incision is suitable for medium or large reduction volume. In addition to the vertical incision described above, the anchor incision requires a further horizontal incision in the crease below the breast to achieve an optimal breast shape.

Depending on the selected technique, excess breast tissue is removed from either the lower or the upper side of the breast. The excess skin is then removed, lifting the breasts and giving them an attractive round shape.  B or C cups can usually be achieved regardless of the initial breast size. The ability to breast-feed after the pregnancy is preserved by both methods.

Breast reduction surgery is a relatively low-pain procedure and usually free from complications. It is performed under a general anaesthetic and requires spending one or more nights in our clinic. The sutures are removed after about two weeks, after which a further two weeks of rest are recommended. During these four weeks, a well-fitting sports bra should be worn.

The cost for breast reduction surgery varies widely, depending on the technique. If the amount to be removed is significant (a minimum of 500g to 800g from each breast), your health insurance may cover the cost. Should this be the case, we would be happy to submit a written application for cost coverage to your health insurance prior to surgery.

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