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Tuberous breasts (also known as “Snoopy nose”, “Snoopy breasts” or tubular breasts) are the result of a congenital breast deformity whose cause is still unclear. Typical characteristics include significantly enlarged, puffy nipples, a narrow breast base, an unusually wide spacing between the breasts, and a higher than normal breast fold. Tuberous breast get their name from being shaped like a tube. They may also differ in size, diameter, height, or length.

Tuberous breast correction is a surgical challenge and requires careful pre-operative evaluation and a high degree of experience in all areas of breast surgery.

Depending on the shape and size of the breasts, tubular breast correction may involve:    

»   Breast lifting (Mastopexy), where the excess skin is removed, the mammary gland is remodelled, and the nipple-areola is shifted to a higher positio

» Breast augmentation of one or both breasts using implants

»  Nipple lift, nipple reduction or areola reduction in the course of a breast lift surgery

Some patients may undergo more than one surgery to achieve the desired results. In cases of unilateral or bilateral breast augmentation where the skin is too tight, it is advisable to stretch the skin with a tissue expander before inserting the final implant.  

» Before and after pictures: Surgical correction of tubular breasts 
» Surgery costs/Prices Surgical correction of tubular breasts

The cost for tuberous breast correction varies, depending on the required technique and incision type. In severe cases of deformity, your health insurance may cover the cost and allow surgery also for women under the age of 18.  


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