Breast / Breast enlargement (Augmentation)

Breast enlargement (breast augmentation, breast implants, silicone) in Bamberg

Many women whose breasts have become smaller over the years due to pregnancies, weight loss, or hormonal changes wish for larger, shapely breasts. But also young women are unhappy with the size of their breasts compared to their figure as a whole, and want a breast enlargement. In all of these cases, the breasts can be enlarged with silicone implants, hyaluronic acid, or fat transfer.

Breast enlargement with implants

We only use very high-quality implants from Allergan (Natrelle®) and from Polytech. Breast implants made of silicone (in certain cases also available with a sodium chloride solution) are inserted through a 4 to 8 cm incision under the breast. The delicate scar is usually practically invisible and can be completely covered with a bra or bikini top. Women with very large areolas (the pigmented skin around your nipple) can have the implants inserted through an incision in the lower border of the areola. We only advise insertion through the armpit in exceptional cases. If the skin over the breast is very delicate, we advise positioning the implant behind the large breast muscle so that the edges of the implant do not show through the skin. Silicone implants come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Round implants achieve somewhat more volume in the cleavage, while drop-shaped implants (also referred to as anatomical implants) appear more natural to many women. Patients can also choose between a flatter and a fuller form. All women who attend a consultation in our clinic can try out a variety of implants by means of a special bra in order to get an impression of the future size of the breasts.
A breast enlargement with implants is not typically a dangerous operation. It could theoretically even be carried out as an outpatient procedure with local anesthetic. We advise, however, that patients submit to mild anesthesia and spend one or two nights in our clinic following the operation.

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